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 "Brand New

  Red Guitar"



I'd play some songs, I'd feel alright

On that brand new red guitar...



"Walking Across Egypt" - Chris Edmonds

from "Songs From A Past"


"World From Here" -Chris Edmonds

from "Call of the Wild"


"Human Specimen" - Chris Edmonds

from "Songs From A Past"


 "Wanting You" - The Numbers

from "Self Titled"







Self-Titled  (EP) - 19



Chris Edmonds talks about "Forget Me Not".....

I started this project in early 2005 and put the finishing touches on it as 2006 drew to a close. I had this idea. What if the whole album was done from the point of view of this old man with Alzheimer's? This man is flashing in and out of his own life. What would it be like to experience old joys and tragedies, unable to stop this crazily edited film of your life? And in those lucid moments, realizing what you have become, but unable to escape to what you want to be. This idea resonated with me because I was being exposed to this disease in my own family. It's a hard thing to deal with, and I dealt with the best way I know how. Music. So while I hope you can appreciate the CD as just a collection of songs, maybe knowing the idea behind it will add a little depth to the listening experience.

We cut the CD in my home studio, my refuge on this earth. Eileen would come over and we would cut a basic track with Eileen on drums and me on guitar or piano. Once we got that, I would record all the other instruments until the track felt right. Then I would put the vocals on. It's an interesting and sometimes lonely way to work. But I believe the method; the "aloneness" helped me identify with the "aloneness" of Alzheimer's.

Just a note about Eileen Kimble. Eileen was essential in getting this project done. She played the drums and she sang, but she also did so much more. There were a few times if she hadn't been there just to say "I love it" , I don't know if I could have finished. Thank you Eileen.

Anyway, this is my new CD, except I still call them albums. I hope you like it, and I hope it brings something to your life....



hole in the fabric

girl becomes a woman

blues 103

you never know

fresh air




Recorded at shaky leg studio
Stone Mountain, Georgia
All songs BMI 2007
All songs written by C. Edmonds
Except "hole in the fabric" and "suite fresh air"
Written by C. Edmonds and E. Kimble.
Photographs and design by Eileen Kimble

C. Edmonds: vocals, all instruments except drums
E. Kimble: drums, percussion, vocals











 The Num1980 -  Self-Titled  (EP) -  The Numbers


1981 - Hot 'Lanta Home Cookin' -

 WKLS Radio compilation including

"Tell Her"  - The Numbers


1983 - Home Cookin III -

WKLS Radio compilation including

"Dirty Words" - The Swinging Richards


1984 - Home Cookin IV -

WKLS Radio compilation including

"Look At You Now" - The Swinging Richards


1985 - Naughty Girl / Two Guys-One Girl -

The Swinging Richards


1985 - Call Of The Wild -

 The Swinging Richards


1989 - Fast Food - 1989 -

movie soundtrack including

"I Want It" - Caesar Speaks


1992 - Self-Titled -

The Helens


1995 - Do Not Go Gently -

The Shambles


2001 - Christmas with The Richards

The Richards


2003 - Wash Day  -

Chris Edmonds w/Eileen Kimble



2006 - Forget Me Not  -

Chris Edmonds w/Eileen Kimble


2008 - Songs From A Past - Chris Edmonds





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